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Paul Skorpen

Cultural Guide and Explorer

Paul Skorpen (b. 1961 in USA) lives in Germany and is the founder of the Theosis Institute of Teachings and Travel. After a 6 year intensive training, on the island of Cyprus, from the great Christian mystic and healer, Daskalos, he moved to Munich. For over 25 years Paul has been teaching healing and mysticism all through Europe and the USA. The Theosis Institute offers seminar travels to the Holy Land, Patmos, Egypt and Anatolia. We have produced three films, in the German language, of the lost Gospels of Thomas, Maria Magdalena, and Philip (free to view on Youtube).

Yücel Temirodaman

Tour Guide

Yücel Temirodaman was born in 1969 in Pforzheim, on the edge of the beautiful Black Forest. After graduating from school (Abitur) in Germany, his parents returned back to Turkey; to the beautiful Aegean, to Izmir. For his studies in his home country, he had to complete the final class at the Lyceum in Izmir. During his course at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Ankara, he did an apprenticeship with state exam as a tour guide (1991). Actively he entered into the tourism industry only in 1994 and accompany German-speaking and English-speaking guests on round trips and day trips through its beautiful and mythical country. The challenge of visiting historical and magical places with guests always awakens his passion and gratitude for his work.

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