Abstract: The excavations of Nevali Cori in the Taurus foothills in Southeast Turkey have revealed a large PPNB site with remarkable architecture and monumental carved sculptures. In addition, 1289 clay objects were found. The large number of objects and the extended excavations allow a very detailed analysis including typology, statistics, context and technological aspects. As a result, there are several possibilities to interpret the use of the figurines. Whether they were toys, narrative or magic figurines embedded in a complex religious system cannot be said with absolute certainty, but it is very doubtful that they are goddesses.

An analyse of the structures at the site of Nevalı Çori The region of Upper-Mesopotamia provides a lot of sites that have the greatest importance for the understanding of the archaeology of this region.Especially the area of Southeast Anatolia within this region turns out to have an eminent position that has been revealed by the excavations and researches during the last decade. The importance of Southeast Anatolia can not be minimized, especially when dealing with Neolithic sites. Among the remarkable sites of Çayönü and GöbekliTepe, there is a third Neolithic site that also deserves the attention: Nevalı Çori in the province of Şanlıurfa.

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