Soĝmatar has been far off any tourist route and much further of any interest. The excavation of the quite unique Karahan Tepe, “sister” site of Göbekli Tepe, nearby might turn that around. It was hard to find Soĝmatar or Sumatar at that time. No exact location to get from the internet, and the young guys making tour guide in Harran had only very vague ideas, what we were talking about.

Soğmatar is located 60 km southeast of Şanlıurfa province, 40 km northeast of Harran district, in an area of important water resources in the Tektek mountains. Sogmatar which seen settlement Calcolitic Age, The Middle and Early Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Roman Period and the Islamic period until today, Soğmatar attracts attention with the worship of the Moon God Sin, especially in the 2nd century AD.

The aim of this article is to date the relief of a lion found in the Soğmatar cult area in the central district of Şanlıurfa. The draft of this lion relief found in the cult area is quite large and is generally seen as a portal lion dated to BC 1. thousand. It differs from other drafts from the area with its high relief technique and it was made of limestone instead of basalt stone. The Soğmatar cult area is located in an area called Tektek Mountains which 60 km southeast of Şanlıurfa.

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