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Göbekli Tepe Newsletter 2014
Author: Jörg Becker, Lee Clare, Oliver Dietrich,Çiğdem Köksal-Schmidt, Anja Merbach, Jens Notroff, Smriti Pant, Joris Peters,Nadja Pöllath, Klaus Schmidt | Year: 2014

Göbekli Tepe: The first 20 years

This year (2014) marks the 20th anniversary of archaeological research at Göbekli Tepe. Looking back over the past two decades, it is safe to say that Göbekli Tepe has not only provided us with new and unexpected insights, forcing us to reconsider many previous assumptions with respect to the early Neolithic period (the transition from mobile hunter-gatherers to sedentary food-producing lifeways), further the site has seen itself catapulted by the world media into the consciousness of many, fuelling the imagination and giving rise to some very diverse lines of serious (and less serious) enquiry and speculation.

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