The Balikligol Statue, also known as “Urfa Man”, is a 13,500-year-old statue that is 5’8” (174 cm) tall. The Female figure from Sardinia is approximately 6, 000 years old and is 8.8 inches (21 cm) tall. The Female ‘s Legs, the walks, are in the Form of arising signs, positional, in the east and west,1 while the Male Figure doesn't have Legs but the area is in the Form of the sign for, the place of arising, in the east and west.

Şanlıurfa – Yeni Mahalle Höyüğü is located within the ancient town center of Şanlıurfa, north of Balıklıgöl sacred area (Fig 1). Today, the entire mound is located within the ancient town center and is underneath single-storey dwellings. During the recent road construction works performed at this area, a section of approximately 15 m length, 60 cm thickness and 2 m height is revealed (Fig. 2). A salvage excavation is then initiated at this section in year 1997 as directed by Şanlıurfa Museum Directorate with Harran University Archeology Department acting as counselors. As a result of the studies conducted therein, 13 cultural levels are discovered, all of which are

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