The Great Homecoming   Slowly Meandering through Anatolian: 1 — 17, March, 2024 Option 1 Touring the Tepes Option 2 From Sanliufra to Konya Option 3 From Konya to Ephesus Option 4 Ephesus and Surroundings Can’t you hear the echoes of a far distant past? Ancient reverberations from the Orient, the Morning Land, they are beckoning us home? So I am calling the poets, musicians, artists, philosophers, mystics, healers, the battered and the bruised, saints and the sinners, the vaccinated and unvaccinated?, to a pilgrimage home to our ancestral lands in Anatolia. This promises to be an epic sojourn back to our oldest roots, followed by a slow, meandering travel through cultures, epochs, and very ourselves, ending

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